July 15, 2022


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What is a squirting orgasm?

Although there have been several misconceptions regarding the meaning of orgasm and if squirting is always involved when there’s an orgasm. The words “squirting” and “orgasm” are such that they would always be in the context of the female sexual context. This is because it’s impossible to discuss orgasms without talking about squirting and vice versa. The truth is that not every woman squirts. So, you should stop if you’ve been feeling uneasy because you don’t squirt. It would interest you to know that squirting is just ejaculation mixed with pee, and it comes in just a small percentage of women. So, you do not need to beat yourself up about it.

What is squirting?

Although squirting is great and helps the sex become more enjoyable at that moment, it is important to note that not all squirt symbolizes orgasm. As explained above, squirting is a process of ejaculation in women, which comes with cum and pee. So, squirting is not entirely peeing, like most women have been made to believe. If you squirt, you haven’t peed technically because the pee contains some trace amount of ejaculate. This discharge, however, doesn’t fully mean orgasm. There are more than enough porn videos on the internet where you can learn a thing or two about squirting orgasm from.


Orgasm is a moment accompanied by the most intense sexual pleasure. So, you could squirt just a few seconds of penetration, and that doesn’t mean you have an orgasm. The sex has just begun, and you’ve squirted about three times. Also, it’s important to note that squirting is not a disorder, as most individuals have explained it. That you squirt when having sexual intercourse doesn’t make the sex bad or means you are sick. No. Most times, individuals that do not squirt also do not have to feel any less of themselves. Squirt, however, has its benefits in intercourse. For some men, when a lady squirts on them, it turns them on and makes them increase their pace of sex at that moment. On the other hand, some men do not have anything against it, nor find it any interesting. So, if you are the type that squirts, good for you; if you don’t, you shouldn’t feel any less of yourself.

The most important fact to note is that squirting doesn’t necessarily mean orgasm, and it’s possible that you have sex for long hours and not squirt. The number of hours spent in sex doesn’t guarantee if she’ll squirt or not. If you want to be sure not all ladies squirt, compile as many porn videos as you can, watch as many as possible, and you can tell how many ladies would squirt. It’s rare to watch 50 clips, and you find half of the women squirt. This is because not all ladies squirt, and it isn’t a determinant of whether the sex will be enjoyable.