February 4, 2022


by: shally


Categories: telefonsex

What Does Telefonsex Mean?

Have you ever heard about telefonsex? hat do you understand by this term? Does the word ring a bell in your mind every time you hear people discuss about it? If you have an idea of what phone sex is, they you are lucky. However, if this is a mystery to you, be my guest. In this article, I will not only define what telefonsex is but also how it is done and many other simple points on how to enjoy it.

Telephone sex is simply a conversation between two or more people with sexually explicit discussion. In phone sex, you don’t discuss any personal matter or call to know how well your friend or partner on the other side is doing. The main intention is to arouse them sexually or even help them masturbate in the process. Below are a few things you need to know about telephone sex.

1.    It Can Be Addictive

Anything you do to have pleasure can become a nightmare if you are not able to control it. Phone sex and intimacy is one thing that has become very addictive. This is because, today’s generation is very lazy and are always looking for a shortcut to everything in life. Having actual sex with a woman involves a lot and her satisfaction entirely depends on how good you are in bed. However, things are very different with phone sex, simple sexy words are all they need to win the war.

2.    It is More Convenient

One of the reasons why phone sex has become very addictive is its convenience. You can have phone sex anywhere and anytime as long as you have good network connection and your partner has good connection too. If you are looking for a way of having fun in a more convenient and cheaper way, is by having phone sex.


Having telefonsex is fun and easy and you don’t need a lot of preparation compared to cam sex. Your sex mate will also not need much preparation to entertain you and enjoy a romantic moment with you.