October 19, 2022


by: shally


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Tifa Celebrates Her Birthday in Style

Tifa celebrated what she considers to be her 35th “birthday” on May 3. Her admirers from every corner of the globe sent her their best wishes. Everyone enthusiastically shared their “Wife” fan works and screenshots of the game. People continue to adore and welcome this female character even though her “factory date” most likely occurred before the time of many players.

Nevertheless, only a few days after the joyous atmosphere of the birthday, a statue depicting Tifa made the birthday star suddenly feel sad again.

Heated Debate Raised by Her Statue

This statue of Tifa Lockhart sex doll has sparked a great deal of debate due to the indecent pose it depicts and the fact that the product is not authorized by SE. Combined with the Italian Senate’s live broadcast at the beginning of the year, we have the distinct impression that the name “Tifa” keeps cropping up in situations where it would be awkward to speak publicly about the topic.

The 3D district can’t function without Tifa, just as the Western world would collapse without Jerusalem.

In spite of the fact that the stalk is rotten, this is sufficient evidence to explain the representativeness and importance of Tifa in the 3D area, the MOD area, and even the wider field. But for a very long time, there has also been a question that has been nagging at the back of my mind: why is it Tifa sex doll?

There aren’t any other female characters that are more beautiful than Tifa. There are multiple kings in the 3D area, each with their unique appeal: Laura, 2B, Jill, D.VA, and Rosemary. Alice, another female character from “Final Fantasy 7,” has always enjoyed the same popularity as Tifa. Which of Tifa’s virtues and abilities is sufficient to earn her the status in the player group analogous to that of Jerusalem?

Tifa’s reputation as one of the best players in the league would not be nearly as high if people perceived her as “greedy” because she has a stunning appearance. As a result, we owe great gratitude to a substantial number of “FF7” players. The allure behind Tifa’s beautiful skin has been the subject of innumerable XP analyses and heated debates at parties. onlyfans leak