November 3, 2021


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The Game – Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Escort Zurich

In Lessons For a Better Schoolgirl, Managing a Escort, and Managing Married Women for Business, Lessons for an Ace in Education, Chapter One: The Ace of Education, author Rosemary Hertzheimer has her students identify which kind of student they want to be. “Are you a high achiever or one who is willing to work her tail off for the money? Do you have a great sense of humor or do you prefer to carry a straight face?” she asks.

To get this question started, it’s important to identify what a student wants to be. In some ways a student will know their own self-worth better than anyone else, but nobody knows that innermost self better than the girl who sat across from them in class and shared their thoughts and fantasies with them. Through this first conversation a student will gain insight into their values and goals.


And, in essence, the girl escort Zurich shadows is herself. She lets herself go and allows herself to be won over by a boy. She does not fear her own beauty, but instead uses her looks to bait a boy. She is not someone who places importance on intelligence. She is confident, sassy, and smart, all at the expense of forgetting her own charm.

In her first meeting with the student, Zurich does not act like a schoolgirl at all. She is full of confidence, but also aware that this confidence is not authentic. She is no smarter or more beautiful than the student, but she does not appear to be less feminine either.

So, how did this happen? How did this blonde girl with the perfect smile and big eyes win the affections of a wealthy, successful, and handsome young man? This is how the book explains how some girls manage to get close to men they would never normally dream about dating. It is possible that the young man saw qualities in the escort that made her more than he could ever have imagined.

Zurich is the very picture perfect example of an escort. She is sassy, confident, and has great manners. But she is also smart. As the love between them grows, she becomes more intelligent and more attractive.

Zurich is very careful to keep her business professional while portraying her inner beauty to her new customer. After all, she knows that men will see right through a charmer and are drawn to women who know how to play the game. The book ends with her running for First Lady of the United States against incumbent President Bartley Bowlegs. One has to wonder what happened to the girl with the perfect smile and the perfect eyebrows. Who is she playing with now? Could this escorts destiny have been sealed in stone?

I gave the book four stars and recommend it highly to ladies who are seeking a serious relationship with a rich and successful man. If you are single and seeking a man for company this book will get you interested in finding that special someone. If you have already found the right guy Zurich’s advice will help you find a way to keep him. All in all, this is a fun and fast read that is guaranteed to make you feel smarter and more interesting in a relationship.

In Part One, Zurich shares her observations on the art of seduction. Then in Part Two she shares about dating in the 21st century. She discusses the difference between dating a successful man and dating one that is just average. Zurich discusses men’s attitudes toward infidelity, the media and more. I really liked these discussions.
In Part Three she teaches you how to become an alpha male. This is really good advice and goes into great detail about how you can become more powerful and confident. I really liked this part of the book.

I liked “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” very much. It is a quick book and does exactly what it says on the tin. If you like the Mystery series, this book will lead you in the right direction and help you to pick up girls like a pro.