October 2, 2020


by: shally


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Oral Without Condom Escort Service

Protection from sexually transmitted diseases is paramount in an industry such as escort and adult entertainment. The escorts continuously have sex with many men every day, and for them, the risk of contracting diseases or passing them on to customers is always high. The staff of all Lugano escort agencies is always very transparent regarding their policy of protecting girls and customers from sexually transmitted diseases, but there is an escort service that has aroused controversy lately, and that allows customers to receive oral sex without condom protection. Does the Oral Without Condom Escort Service contradict agency policy? Or is it a calculated risk? Or can it be done in conditions of total safety?

To understand this, we spoke with a staff member of an Lugano Escort Agency who clarified many doubts about the Oral Without Condom Escort Service.

Here is the report of our conversation about the Oral Without Condom Escort Service.

Thanks for giving me part of your time. What can you tell us about the birth of this service?

When we created the Oral Without Condom Escort Service, we knew that it would trigger a debate and a series of controversies even fierce towards us. We decided to follow an old motto in the business world: “Disputes create money,” and we must admit that we were right.

In this escort service, it is possible to receive top-quality oral sex without the protection of a condom. This is a calculated risk, which we have proposed to give an even deeper sexual experience to all our customers.

Our clients appreciate oral sex very much, and it is something that can satisfy even the most demanding person, and we are extremely strict in our safe sex policy since all the sex that is performed by our girls must necessarily take place with the use of condoms. The only exception is this escort service, and I want to clarify that not everyone has the right to do it, but only a small part of our clients.

What do you mean? Not everyone can buy this service? It’s so expensive?

I must admit that the price is not cheap, but it is accessible to the vast majority of people who decide to hire a professional escort for a night of passion. What I mean is that before we allow a person to purchase the Oral Without Condom Escort Service, certain basic conditions must be met for us.

What conditions?

First of all, the person who wants to buy the Oral Without Condom Escort Service must have been a client of the agency for some time and have already proven to be a person worthy of trust, educated, respectful of escorts and above all who has always respected the rules that we have established for each service.

Thanks to these behaviors, we can trust this person and move on to the second phase, which requires recent medical tests to understand if this person has health problems.

Medical tests? Isn’t that a violation of privacy?

No, we can do it to make sure we don’t expose our girls to unnecessary risks. Believe me, there are people who have sexual diseases and deliberately pass them on to other people, while others do so unwittingly. An escort is a great carrier of contagion for this type of illness since she attends many different men.

Analyzes are necessary to understand the client’s health and establish the girl’s degree of risk. We talk about oral sex, so the risk percentage is less than regular sex practiced without a condom, but there is always a risk percentage not to be overlooked. Our girls are the heart of our business, and we never want to put them in danger, and the protection of our customers’ privacy is always guaranteed by strict protocols. People trust us, and we must show that we deserve all this trust.

I understand, and what purpose do these conditions have?

These conditions allow us to have the certainty of doing business with people who respect our terms and who are in good health. Once these two conditions have been verified, we can offer this service.

What exactly does the Oral Without Condom Escort Service consist of?

As it is easy to guess from the name, it is about receiving the highest quality oral sex without the protection of a condom. The condom is essential to protect customers and girls from sexually transmitted diseases but does not allow you to really feel all the sensations that oral sex gives and can prevent you from enjoying this experience to the fullest. This is a necessary compromise to guarantee the maximum possible safety, but, as I have already said, for some people, it is possible to have the privilege of having oral sex without a condom.

However, even in this case, there are conditions to be respected.

What conditions?

First of all, hygiene must always be at the maximum. Therefore the client must thoroughly wash his penis before receiving the Oral Sex Without Condom Escort Service. Then the service has a limited duration. The customer cannot receive this service for too long always for a matter of risk reduction as much as possible. Furthermore, it is not possible to cum in the girl’s mouth in this service again for hygiene reasons.

So, despite the absence of a condom, are there different limits to this service?

Yes exactly. We know it’s uncomfortable, but it was the only compromise that could really be done to ensure maximum protection for all our customers.

Do customers accept these limitations?

Yes, thanks to our initial selection work, we have the honor of working only with people who have truly understood our rules and the reasons that led us to establish them, which is to protect girls and not make their Lugano Escort Experience uncomfortable.

Thanks to these statements, we really understood how the Oral Without Condom Escort Service works.