How To Spice Up Bedroom Activities with Rm8 escorts?

Not sure how to improve your session in the bedroom with an Rm8 escorts? Do not worry, I got you covered with a few ideas that are so good, that you will probably want to implement them in all of your future sessions, because they are just that good!

Sex toys

One of the most basic, and yet one of the best ways, to improve a session with Rm8 escorts is to introduce sex toys to your bedroom activities. If you visit a sex shop, you will discover that there are quite a lot of toys that you can use in one-on-one sex sessions, especially with a tranny, who can experience pleasures from both perspectives.

Start things off with something as simple as a dildo or a sex toy. The toy can be either for her ass, or a flashlight for her cock, that you can use on her as you penetrate her in hardcore fashion. Every Rm8 escorts loves to get her dick pleasured as you slam her. A buttplug is also a great way to ensure that you can go on her ass as hard as you desire once she is done lubing up your cock with a blowjob, as it will give her that nice preparative stretch.

Once you go through the softcore things, you can move on to the BDSM section where you can experiment with gag-balls, whips, clamps, paddles, rope, chains, cuffs, and all other kind of things that can be used by a master and a slave.

Fuck in different locations and try new positions

If you have been fucking Rm8 escorts on nothing but your bed, you are definitely missing out. There are many other places that you can fuck her on in a rented hotel room. For starters, you can fuck under a shower, on the kitchen counter, and even the floor. If your room happens to have a mirror, you can create some really hot scenarios for both of you with it.


Everyone has some kind of weird fantasy that they want to act out while they are fucking, and I believe you do too. If you do not, try roleplaying as a teacher-student, officer-convict, landlord-lessee, babysitter-boss, secretary-boss, and many other scenarios. These can be especially hot if your escort happens to have a uniform that goes with some of these roleplays, as you will really get to immerse your mind into the scene.